The singer’s artistic work

is significantly marked by her versatility, which is made apparent in both her wide-ranging repertoire and her candour for all musical genres.  An impressive sureness of style as well as a considerable range, extending from early baroque to modern masters, has resulted after years of dealing extensively with various matters of performance practice.

On the opera stage, baroque music has taken on a considerable importance with a further focus being the major Mozart roles.  The soprano’s opera repertoire increasingly comprises dramatic parts such as those of Nedda or Gilda.  Heidrun Kordes has also found resounding success singing significant 20th century opera roles.

The main focus of her work as a concert singer lies in oratorio, mass and cantatas.  Apart from standard repertoires, she is particularly interested in charming rediscoveries from composers like Hasse, Benda, Scarlatti or F. I. Beck, as well as works from the 20th century such as Britten’s ‘Les illuminations’ or Poulenc’s ‘Gloria’.

Heidrun Kordes shares a particular love for chamber music and lieder, which are gaining increasing importance in her artistic work.